FTP to MAMP localhost on macOS

… because other articles I’ve found on the topic are years old and out-of-date. On macOS Sierra, running local servers via MAMP, and wanting to connect to servers using my FTP client. Yes, I know I can copy files into localhost via Finder, but I have my reasons. Go System Preferences => Sharing. Enable Remote ... Read more

Visual Studio Code

Getting started with -slash- evaluating Visual Studio Code. Whether I stick with it, to be determined. Let this be a living document to log my configuration thereof. Extensions installed: Quokka by Wallaby.js Sublime Material Theme by Jarvis Prestidge Material Icon Theme by Philipp Kief Color Highlight by Sergii Naumov User settings: { “css.colorDecorators.enable”: false, “editor.tabSize”: ... Read more



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